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specific questions posed at the end of the case, most importantly, What would you do?

by | Mar 30, 2022 | APA, English | 0 comments

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Select one of these ten dilemmas to analyze:
1. Lifeboat
2. The Mad Bomber
3. Drug Bust
4. Hit and Run
5. Nieces and Daughters
6. The Pregnant Woman
7. The Neighbor
8. Spam Filtering
9. The Accident
10. Concentration Camp
Prepare your case assignment written analysis that addresses the following points:
Review your selected dilemmas noting and the reasons
why it is a moral dilemma.
Answer the specific questions posed at the end of the
case, most importantly, What would you do?
Share any other personal reflections and reactions regarding
this assignment and how (or if) it influenced the manner in which you view the relevance of ethics to your personal and
professional life.
Your goal is to make an argument and support it with clear,
original and thorough analysis of the themes, arguments,
vocabulary, terms and information presented in the course
readings and lectures. Your work will be evaluated for the
specificity with which it answers the prompt, the clarity of its
thesis, the cohesiveness of its argument, and the extent to which it demonstrates a clear understanding of the central content, critical ideas, and key themes of the course.
Writing Guidelines
Include an introduction to your topic, a thesis statement, and a conclusive critical evaluation of the basic tenants and arguments of the ethical theory or framework you are applying in arriving at your decision. Keep in mind that your essays are
graded for content relevant to demonstrating the Course
Student Learning Outcomes found on the Course Homepage.
Your essay must be double-spaced wit 1-inch margins and
typed in 12-point Times New Roman font.
Your essay should have a Title Page and a Reference Page.
Your essay should be organized with an easy to read narrative voice.
Please use bold substantive sub topic headings to guide the
reader through your essay.
You must use in-text citation to avoid plagiarism.
Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

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