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Procedure, Data Collection, and Interobserver Agreement Overview For this assign

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Procedure, Data Collection, and Interobserver Agreement
For this assignment, you will continue working on the Methods section of your hypothetical behavior analytic study. Use the research you completed for the literature review to help you define the independent variable (IV) or intervention that you will use to change the behavior. You will also discuss how you will collect data during baseline and intervention, as well as examine interobserver agreement data.
Complete the following sections of your hypothetical behavior analytic study.
In your Week 3 assignment, you operationally defined your dependent variable and discussed the social significance of the behavior and explained why your research should address it. Include that information in this assignment.
In addition, integrate any feedback you received from your instructor and add information from your literature review to support your chosen target behavior.
Participants and Setting
Integrate any feedback you received from your instructor.
Discuss the appropriate procedure or independent variable used in the hypothetical behavior analytic research study.
Based on the research that you have done, describe the implementation of the intervention (independent variable).
Include a description of how it was implemented for each participant in a specific situation.
Be clear about how the intervention was implemented (technological), rather than just naming the intervention.
Data Collection
Describe the data collection method.
Clearly identify the data recording method (frequency, duration, etc.) used and explain why that method was selected.
Describe the instrument you used for recording the data and why it was selected.
Describe the schedule for data collection you used (when it was collected, where, by whom, etc.).
Describe how baseline data was gathered.
Interobserver Agreement
Examine interobserver agreement (IOA) information.
Discuss what method of interobserver agreement was used.
Explain how it was calculated, the percent of sessions it was collected, and the percent agreement.

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