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1).The personality disorder is Dependent personality disorder (PSD). Dependent p

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Nursing | 0 comments

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1).The personality disorder is Dependent personality disorder (PSD). Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is a type of anxious personality disorder.
Rationale; People with DPD often feel powerless, submissive, or incapable of self-care. They will struggle to make basic decisions. People with DPD have a fear of separation and exhibit needy, passive, and clingy behaviour. Leslie is too depend on Phil and depends on him to make the basic decisions, and she is afraid and worried that Phil will leave her. Causes of dependent personality disorder are; family history of personality disorder, depression or anxiety, surviving childhood abuse like withdrawn parenting, stifling parenting and harsh parents who punished individual thinking. According to Phil, her father was “a bully, a cold, controlling butthead” which means he was harsh and she experienced childhood abuse while growing. This could have resulted to her dependent personality disorder.
2) Promoting her safety. Suicidal ideation, as well as the existence of a plan, access to means for carrying out the plan, and self-harm behaviors, must all be taken seriously by the nurse, and effective measures must be implemented.
Promoting therapeutic relationship. In a clinic environment, this could mean seeing her for scheduled appointments of a fixed duration rather than whenever she arrives and requests the nurse’s immediate attention.
Reshaping thinking patterns. Thought stopping is a technique for altering the mechanism of negative or self-critical thought patterns. Cognitive transformation is a technique for modifying patterns of behaviour by assisting the patient in identifying negative thoughts and emotions and replacing them with constructive ones.
Structuring Leslie’s daily activities. Having a detailed schedule that includes meetings, shopping, reading the newspaper, and going for a walk will help her handle her time alone
Short term goal; The patient will be safe and free of significant injury/ harm.
The client will demonstrate increased control of impulsive behavior.
Long term goal; The patient will take appropriate steps to meet her own needs and make her own decisions.
The patient will verbalize greater satisfaction with relationships.

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