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c. Literature Review An overview of peer reviewed research that addresses the pr

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Medicine and Health | 0 comments

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c. Literature Review
An overview of peer reviewed research that addresses the problem or issue. Explain your research findings. Ensure that you address the following:
1. Compare the approaches or solutions to the problem in each article.
i. Are the findings and program plan implementations offered by each article similar or dissimilar?
ii. If dissimilar, do the findings and program plan implementations contradict one another?
2. Critique the articles.
i. Which program plan implementations seem most effective? Why?
ii. How were the programs evaluated for sustainability?
3. Describe existing community programs that address the health issue.
i. How successful are they in treating the health problem?
ii. Does the community embrace their missions?
iii. Do the target populations see them as relevant or helpful?
4. If no local programs exist, determine the reasons.
i. For example, are there socioeconomic, physical, political, or environmental reasons no local programs have been established?
ii. If so, can you provide any recommendations that might mitigate those factors?
2. Plans for Data Analysis
Discuss how the data will be analyzed for the Final Report in MPH/690. Describe the metrics you will use to define project success and describe how the evaluation results will be disseminated. Identify and describe the communication plan for sharing results with stakeholders (and the public, if applicable).
V. Proposed Impact or Outcome
Describe how the project will meet the mission and/or needs of the agency and the population they serve. This section will transition into the Discussion and Recommendations section of your Final Report in MPH/690.

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