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hello, i live in mcallen texas. Assessment S2021 -Content Research: For this ass

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Architecture | 0 comments

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hello, i live in mcallen texas.
Assessment S2021
-Content Research: For this assignment, you will research the architectural history of the region where you live.
-Presentation: Create a presentation based on your research, using any suitable software/tool: PowerPoint, Adobe Spark, Voice Tread, Prezi etc.
-Submit the presentation to Blackboard as a hyperlink, if a web based presentational tool was utilized, or as a pdf file, if PowerPoint was used. File name: XX-RGV_Architectural_History, where XX stands for your initials.
-Content: the presentation should include, but not limited to the following information:
-Which are the oldest buildings in the town/city where you live?
-Which are oldest buildings in the Rio Grande Valley?
-Historic buildings in your area – provide information and images.
-What is the traditional style of the buildings in your city/town and in the Rio Grande valley?
-How the German immigrant Heinrich Portscheller influenced the architecture in the Rio Grande Valley? –Provide examples supported by images.
-Are there any historic non-building structures in the Rio Grande Valley? Provide examples supported by images.
-Does the traditional local architecture influence the contemporary buildings in the area? If yes – in what way? Provide examples supported by images.
-Video(s) – optional, for bonus points.
-Title page stating the name of the presentation – Architectural History of Your City/Town and the Rio Grande Valley, the name of the student presenting, and the class for which is the presentation.
-Content pages: 10 – 12 pages.
-Reference page, citing the research and images’ resources (usually the last page), if references are not provided along the text and images.
-General Requirements:
-The presentation should be consistent in format and outlook, text font and size, and page design.
-Do not copy and paste from your sources, there will be check for plagiarism
-Make an effort to create informative, interesting and pleasing presentation, with good quality images and layout, prompting conversations and discussions.
-As part of the grade for this assignment, students are expected take part in discussions.
The same information is provided in the attached file, with accessibility formating.

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