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In the last few weeks, you’ve learned about three key collaborative strategies:

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In the last few weeks, you’ve learned about three key collaborative strategies: 1) establishing goals, roles, and responsibilities, 2) maintaining a respectful group dynamic, and 3) practicing open communication and trust. You have also learned to recognize how our statuses and roles affect how we interact with others, how others interact with us, and how these interactions can influence the ways we solve problems and make decisions.
You were asked to examine the importance of embracing diverse perspectives to discover how society is organized into vertical social structures and the role that power plays in society. You also considered how power (and perceptions of power) influences problem solving and decision-making and gained a thorough understanding of the dynamics of power in relationships.
The following questions will give you a chance to self-evaluate, to think about what you’ve been learning in this course, and to draw your own conclusions about how you can apply what you’ve learned in your life. Your answers may be used to determine how to improve the program for future students. Your answers will not be used for marketing purposes. Please respond in a paragraph of at least 5–7 sentences to fully address each question. Be sure to use your own words!
What is one thing you are interested in exploring further about making decisions that involve diverse perspectives?
How will what you are learning about power and authority affect your understanding of the information you read and hear about on the news?
Open a Word document to write your answers. When you are done, click on Browse My Computer to upload your Word document with your responses.

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