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Monica Tamm Monica Tamm ThursdayAug 25 at 5:37pm Pax Americana The word I chose

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Monica Tamm
Monica Tamm
ThursdayAug 25 at 5:37pm
Pax Americana
The word I chose to look into and look at is Pax Americana. This term is defined by as “ a period of relative peace and stability that extended throughout the area of American influence, beginning with the end of World War II.” The word also plays off of the idea of Pax Romana or otherwise known as the Roman Peace era. This concept of Pax Americana however is more relevant to our current times and has been “likened to the glorification of US imperialism” . However the entire idea of it at the heart is US hegemony and a peaceful period between the US and Europe. Recently we have seen some speculation of this returning. In an article found on it discusses this idea and the return of it to do with the current state of Russia vs the Ukraine. In this article it states that “The policies that won the Cold War and thereby made the modern liberal international order were products of an unexpected hot war. The catastrophe in Ukraine could play a similar role today.
vet Russia from brutalizing Ukraine, but they can still win the larger struggle to save” In retrospect we are seeing the impact we as a country have had and continue to have on the world. We as a nation can help aid the peace between the two countries and get back to the state of Pax Americana we were once at. Looking at our conuntire as a whole it is very impressive to see the mass impact we have on other countries and the peace and abundance of them. We have helped bring stability many times when it comes to war overseas and to see us making that impact again is very reassuring that we as a country have stayed the same and will continue to be such a landmark country for that. From the article I looked into it seems as if we as a country can be on the trajectory to be this peace again but this is if we can use our connections and allies accordingly. When it comes to overseas business and interaction it is important to build good foundational relationships and the US as a country has done that time and time again. This however means we need to be smart about what we support within the connections we have as well as how well we use the connections to benefit other countries in need. It looks as if Biden is trying to do this with Russia and the Ukraine but again like anything it is not an easy or fast paced process and will take time to come around and to fruition just like it did the first time.
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Pax Americana

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