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Provide a thorough response to two classmates, with a 150-200-word response, and

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Provide a thorough response to two classmates, with a 150-200-word response, and use APA references as needed
Working in the medical field, we come across a multitude of people who are of different religions, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and disabilities. Most of these relationships extend beyond professionalism and turn into friendships the longer we stay in one facility. I have a relationship with an RN, he identifies himself as gay and openly speaks about his partner. I have another relationship with another RN, and she practices Buddhism which different to what I practice which is Christianity. I also have friends who practice the same religion I follow but are a part of a different community, so they practice their religion a bit differently.
I feel like the U.S. is so culturally diverse that openly accept a lot of difference, but we should have a kind heart towards that direction of change and acceptance. Patience is a key attribute that I feel we should all practice and myself included into understanding difference. In culture. Another attribute is appreciating we are all different and we have different point of views and beliefs.
In an article from Windon & Tanya (2022), they explain that by building cultural competence we can slowly start to understand and be more aware of the cultures around us. Certain way we can do this is by practicing openness, being flexible, demonstrate humility, practicing being sensitive, showing the spirit of adventure, having a sense humor, and practicing or acting on changing.
Samovar, L. A., Porter, R. E., McDaniel, E. R. (20160101). Communication Between Cultures, 9th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf 10.1.1]. Retrieved from vbk://9781337521758
Windon, S., & Tanya, L. E. (2022, August 12). What is cultural competence and how to develop it? Penn State Extension. Retrieved August 22, 2022, from
Explain the types of relationships you have with culturally different people (different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, sexes, etc.) and what types of relationships are these (e.g. friends, romantic partners, relatives, acquaintances, co-workers)?
There are several types of relationships I have with culturally different people and the relationships I have with them are each entirely different. I have co-workers of different ethnicities such as Filipino and Japanese, as I am Caucasian and Mexican. I also work with others that possess different religious views different than myself; I am Christian, and a few co-workers are Mormon. I also have relatives that are Lutheran, Catholic, and Mormon. I also work with individuals of different sexual orientation than myself. I have family with disabilities too.
Many intercultural communication specialists mention open-mindedness as an attribute necessary for the development of successful intercultural relationships. Describe two other attributes or ways of thinking that a person or government should have in order to develop relationships with culturally different people or countries.
It is necessary for intercultural communication specialists to maintain open-mindedness as an attribute necessary for development of successful intercultural relationships. The development of relationship culture amongst an organization is crucial as it contributes to more efficient and effective working practices, with sharing and collaboration happening frequently. An important attribute an individual or government should possess to develop relationships with culturally different people or countries is to develop intercultural listening skills. It is imperative to listen effectively and have the knowledge about your communication partner (Samovar et al., 2017). In addition, it is vital to listen to individuals from other cultures and be conscious of cultural variations in how speakers present themselves and their ideas. Another important attribute to have when dealing with different cultures other than one’s own, is approach a new situation with an open mind. It is essential to gather information to formulate an opinion rather than go into a situation with preconceived thoughts.
Identify one of the attributes or ways of thinking needed for building intercultural relationships from the above topic and describe how you can further develop this to improve your intercultural relationships with others.
One of the attributes needed for building intercultural relationships is intercultural listening. It is important to listen to understand and accept ones cultural and others different beliefs. As most communication behavior is learned, and it is imperative for one to be objective and have an open mind and avoid being too judgmental. Learning to communicate and apply interpersonal needs of communication, it brings a sense of inclusion and affection. It is important to develop understanding and communication for intercultural relationships and have the qualities necessary to form and develop healthy relationship with others that are different from oneself. When one is in the state to accept, it is one’s duty to do all they can do to explain things to the other cultural so they can grasp the knowledge which is being offered to them.
Samovar, L. A., Porter, R. E., McDaniel, E. R., & Roy, C. S. (2017). Communication between cultures. Cengage Learning.

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