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Respond to the following Discussion Post: The U.S. manned space program dates ba

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Aviation | 0 comments

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Respond to the following Discussion Post:
The U.S. manned space program dates back to the 1960’s. The first program that brought humans into space was called Project Mercury. They made 25 flights to space with six of these carrying astronauts between the years of 1961 and 1963. We now see the advancements that we have made since this time, but the goal in the 1960’s was to orbit the Earth in a spacecraft and to see how the human body reacts and its ability to function in a space environment. Another goal was the ability to both launch a spacecraft into space while being able to safely recover both the spacecraft and those astronauts onboard.
The Gemini Program was another project of the U.S. manned space program. This program was intended to train astronauts and ground crews for the Apollo Missions to the moon. It was also intended to test both equipment used in both launch and in space and also to test the procedures for the entire process.
The U.S. space program has evolved in a variety of different ways. The commercial space industry has become very lucrative, in 2020 we finally were able to access vehicles that were fully built by private organizations instead of the government. Companies such as Space X, Boeing, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin have been working with NASA to put people and equipment in space. With private funding, the U.S. space program can be pushed to a whole new level. Sarang, 2021 said “in contrast to governments, the private sector is eager to put people in space to pursue their own personal interests, not the state’s – and then supply the demand they create”.
Other than tourism in space, space has begun being utilized to improve internet grid as a whole. Many experiments are being conducted onboard space stations that cannot be conducted here on Earth. Advancements in space travel are leading towards full automation for the launch into space and physically staying in orbit.
The Commercial Space Age is here. Harvard Business Review. (2021, February 12). Retrieved August 24, 2022, from

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