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Short “Freake” Paper: Read the assigned essay ” The Seventeenth-Century New Eng

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Short “Freake” Paper: Read the assigned essay ” The Seventeenth-Century New England Mercantile Image: Social Content and Style in the Freake Portraits” by Wayne Craven (attached). Briefly convey the specific identity of the Freakes in terms of status and class. Then find a contemporary (late 20th-21st century) “portrait”. This can be in any medium–photography, computer generated image, or traditional painting, etc. It can be fine or “commercial art.”
Finally, write a 3-4 page typed paper comparing the Freake’s portrait (either that of John or that of Elizabeth/Baby Mary) to your contemporary image. Provide a photo of your chosen “portrait.” How is status, class, and identity conveyed to the viewer in each? How do you know/”read” your individual’s identity even if you do not know them or know of them personally? What does this say about the power of image? ( Papers must be in 12pt Times Roman font, double-space with documentation of sources using Chicago or MLA format and uploaded to Canvas as a Word .doc by Sept. 2 (end of day). Be prepared to discuss your selected “portrait” in class. Note: I have also attached 2 pages from our textbook that discuss the Freake portraits.

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