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Situation: You and your Program Manager both know the project charter should be

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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You and your Program Manager both know the project charter should be authored by the sponsoring entity; for example, Zig or someone knowledgeable he assigns the task. Nonetheless, in the spirit of sustaining a good customer relationship, you agree to go ahead and author the project charter for UMT’s office operations relocation project.
Use the weekly videos along with all you have learned from your study of the course materials, your review of the UMT Office Relocation Requirements, your discussions with classmates about project charters, and the Project Charter template provided for you in the course materials to formulate a suitable Project Charter for the UMT Office Relocation Project. Review the requirements provided in the MPM 633 Schedule Management UMT Office Relocation Requirements document. Add to this list of requirements any requirements you consider omitted and necessary. Consider all of the data you have available, and formulate a Project Charter for this project. Submit your Project Charter. Please review the Microsoft Project Instructional video.
Submition Instructions:
Review the directions carefully, consider all of your options, and provide details with explanations.
Write the paper using MS Word.
Use MS Project software to create WBS/Schedule in “MPP” format for submission.
Defend your work with examples and references, and make sure your work reflects graduate-level writing.
All assignments are expected to adhere to APA formatting standards (references and citations), reflect high-level of scholarship, use correct grammar, and reflect critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Review APA standards use either the Purdue Owl or the Bellevue University APA tutorials located in the Resources section.
Include at least one reference and cite your paper using APA format. When citing, you need to include both in-text citations and a reference citation at the very end.
For this and all other assignments in this course, there is a considerable amount of information that you do not have about UMT, Inc., e.g. history of the company, culture and structure of the company, leadership, leadership structure, project managers, engineers, etc. However, you are given the latitude in this and all following assignments to fabricate the reality you will be dealing with based on the information you do have. You are to assess every angle of the company and consider all of the project stakeholders who will be impacted by your team’s ability to manage this office relocation project. You are to make assumptions about people’s titles, departments, roles, perceptions, etc. and create the story. Bear in mind the fact that your effectiveness as the project manager of this project will be used by UMT to evaluate ASDG’s performance. Your reputation as well as your company’s reputation depend on how well you manage this project.

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