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The topics I will be discussing about in my writing will be based on Women in Ma

by | Aug 29, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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The topics I will be discussing about in my writing will be based on Women in Marvel movies There are several questions that can be answered related to women in Marvel movies. For example, how are women portrayed in these films? Do they have significant roles? How does this compare to the portrayal of women in other superhero films? Are there any themes or messages that are conveyed through the portrayal of women in Marvel movies? In relation to this subject, there are a lot of possible questions that might be addressed, these will be the main questions I will be discussing such as how major their roles are within the films, whether they correspond to established gender norms, and what messages are given about women via the depiction of women in the films.
Women in Marvel films strive to achieve a balance between the primary role and the female role. Essential and critical responsibilities are assigned to both male and female personalities to maintain the balance of power in society. The primary and secondary sources will be several Marvel films, including Doctor Strange: The Multiverse, in which women and men, as well as their roles, are shown in an obvious manner. This subject will not only aid in comprehending the viewpoint and position of men and women in society, a critical worry in today’s world where gender and equality are huge issues (Nixon, 2022). This sounds not just to the researcher but also the reader highly intriguing.
Written Portion Formatting Requirements:
When writing your Final Paper, you need to address the following 3 questions:
Where does your topic fit in the field of popular culture? [in other words, how does it meet the criteria of popular culture that was discussed in Module 1?]
Give examples of your topic’s interactions with historic, social, and/or political events/movements? [be sure to describe the interactions]
Why is your topic important to study? (your answer may include academic, philosophical, religious, societal and/or personal reasons)
The Final Paper Formatting Requirements
The paper should:
Follow APA formatting (header, page numbers, title on the first page of the essay, correct citation throughout).
Include a title page and a reference page in APA format.
Clearly articulate the project topic.
Be 3 pages or approximately 750 words.
Include 3-4 documented, credible sources (at least one must be a written source).
Quote and cite from course material–if applicable
Include a References page with all cited sources, including those assigned in class–if applicable.

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