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This week, you will write a comprehensive APA analysis paper utilizing all the k

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This week, you will write a comprehensive APA analysis paper utilizing all the knowledge you have gained in Introduction to U.S. Courts (CCJ1250). Use what you have learned from the READ and ATTEND sections throughout the entire course (including Unit 5). If you need support on how to formulate your APA Analysis paper, you may refer to your APA Template under the Resource tab or contact the CPS Librarians. Please refer to your grading rubric for guidance, as well. Upon completion you will click on the Dropbox tab to submit your paper for grading. Be sure to back up your statements and opinions for the below prompts with at least three (3) scholarly sources. Use proper source crediting and DO NOT self-plagiarize from the previous week’s assignments.
• Why are there separate court systems for state and the federal governments? What are the structures for each, and in what ways are they different?
• How is the court system viewed by victims and witnesses and how are they viewed by the other actors in the courtroom (prosecutors, defense attorneys, etc.)? What are some programs/initiatives designed to aid victims in coping with the criminal justice process?
• Discuss the authority of prosecutors and where this authority originates. Should they maintain their autonomy and discretion or would establishing a uniform policy to determine if cases prosecuted be better for the criminal justice system?
• Explain the right to counsel and where it originates. Is there any benefit from a defendant appearing in court “pro se” (acting as their own lawyer)? If you were arrested, would you rather have a private defense lawyer or a public defender? Why?
• Analyze the consequences of the different methods of judicial selection. Further, discuss how efforts to remove a “unfit” judge may actually be efforts to remove a judge based upon decisions they have made.
• As law enforcement or other criminal justice professional, how could you apply what you learned in this course about the courts in the United States?

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