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Topic: Technological changeover from one computer system to a newer computer sys

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Topic: Technological changeover from one computer system to a newer computer system (HRIS – include possible conversion problems).
An annotated bibliography is a critical literature synthesis tool for researchers who are curating resources related to a topic of interest. The annotated bibliography is the first step to a comprehensive literature review and provides an opportunity to identify gaps to be used for future research. An annotated bibliography requires critical reading and summarizing of the findings of collected sources.
Each annotation begins with an APA formatted reference and is followed by a summary of the source. The following questions can be used to craft the summary of the annotated sources:
What was the purpose of this research?
What was the problem the researcher(s) addressed?
What are the research questions?
What method and design were used in this research?
What were the results of the research?
What are the implications for future research?
This week, students will prepare an annotated bibliography (dues in Week 4) with the articles, books, research, etc. you plan to use and cite in your final project (that is due in Week 7).
Please follow the sample provided in the classroom with these instructions. Students should include 6-8 entries this week. Please see the following example below.
Example – Annotated Bibliography:
Bell, C., & Holder, M. (2019, January/February). The Interrelationship between Race, Social
Norms, and Dietary Behaviors among College-attending Women. American Journal of Health Behavior, 43(1), 23-36.
This article examines a study conducted to compare racial identity and dietary habits of women on college campuses. The findings of the study found that women with perceived differences and social/family norms were more likely to develop unhealthy dietary habits in college, most specifically related to fruit and vegetable consumption. This resource is useful because it examines self-perception of race and how that can impact behavior in ways that influence one’s health in the future.
Elliott, W., & Friedline, T. (2013, April). “You Pay Your Share, We’ll Pay Our Share”: The College Cost Burden and the Role of Race, Income, and College Assets. Economics of Education Review, 33, 134-153.
This resource discusses the value of college savings plans in encouraging youth to enroll in college. Those with racial and economic disadvantages may be unable to save for college, and this puts their children at a disadvantage. The authors conclude that a greater number of grant and aid opportunities are needed in order to reduce the cost burden of college for the disadvantaged. This resource is helpful because it makes connections between race and economics.

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