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Two companies chosen: United Parcel Service (UPS) vs. FedEx Corp (FDX) Note: Mer

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Two companies chosen: United Parcel Service (UPS) vs. FedEx Corp (FDX)
Note: Mergent’s time series data is ordered with the most recent year first followed sequentially going back in preceding years. In Excel, it will be necessary to reverse the date order so that the oldest date is in column B and the most recent date appears in column J.
As described in the book, financial ratios can be grouped into categories. For Mergent, these include Liquidity, Debt Management, Asset Management, and Profitability.
Alter the Excel spreadsheets as directed above so that the data is ordered historically oldest to most recent.
Create line graphs or bar charts (five in total) depicting the following comparisons between the two companies you are evaluating during each of the last five years:
Current Ratio
LT Debt to Equity
Total Asset Turnover
ROA % (Net)
ROE % (Net).
Write a 2-3 page paper in APA format that includes:
1. An introduction that identifies the two companies that are the subject of your analysis.
2. Your Excel graphs inserted into the body of your paper. There should be a total of four graphs discussed in your narrative. For each graphed ratio, respond to the following:
– What is the difference between the two companies on this ratio? What is a plausible explanation as to why they would differ? Is one company clearly different than the other?
– Are there economic or end-market influences that explain why the ratios differ? What might they be?
– Over time, is each company’s overall financial performance improving, declining, or is something strange going on?
– Do you think evaluating financial statements is a good idea? What do you regard as some of the shortcomings of financial ratio analysis?

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