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Writing your country of the week summary: For each chapter, we will be looking a

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments

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Writing your country of the week summary:
For each chapter, we will be looking at one country’s human trafficking issues in addition to the topics raised in our textbook. Your job each chapter will be to write a “country of the week summary” on the countries we are studying and their issues with human trafficking and smuggling and upload your summary to the tab called Assignments. See the list below to find that chapter’s country topic. You will use this site for your summaries: Here is the PDF of this report: . Please make sure it is the 2022 TIP Report done by the Department of State as the country rankings change in July, and you must check against my 2022 TIP tier ranking list on the module where all documents are stored and attached to the syllabus each time you prepare a country’s summary.
General writing rules for your country summaries:
You are required to submit your word in Word or Word 1997-2003. Papers saved in other file formats (such as WORKS or WORDPERFECT) will not be accepted.
It is required that you do the following:
Proofread your work before submitting it to Canvas. Proofread it by reading it aloud to another person. If you struggle with your writing ability, please let me know NOW. I will assist you. Note: all summaries that are not proofread and edited before submission will be returned to you for editing and proofreading. Please proofread your work before submitting.
DO NOT COPY AND PASTE any Internet source WORD for WORD. That is called plagiarism. Read the source and then summarize what you want to say IN YOUR OWN WORDS. I don’t care if you cite the source; unless you use quotation marks, you cannot copy anyone’s work WORD FOR WORD.
3) Review my grammar notes posted on Canvas under the Grammar tab. Try not to make these mistakes in your summaries.
Specific writing rules for your country summaries:
You will be reading, analyzing, and summarizing a Department of State (DOS) report called the Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, as the basis for your summary of the human trafficking issues in ten different countries; the TIP Report is based on the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), the first federal law specifically targeting HT. You may also do additional research on each country as well.
To demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of each country, you will address the major topics that are addressed in the TIP Report including, but not limited to, the following areas of concern: tier ranking and the reasons therefore; country classification (source, destination, or transit country); preventative efforts being made; prosecutions and laws be enforced; governmental protection efforts in place for victims; and recommendations for the country.
You will address the key issues raised in this report, as per the template, and show your ability to assess the information gathered, while writing a cogent, well-organized response to the template prompts that demonstrate a clear, working knowledge of the HT issues faced in that country.
Your report will summarize the key issues raised in each TIP Report with sufficient supportive detail to provide support for the findings of the Department of State. Your report will have a tone of summary that any governmental agency would expect which should reflect proper voice, grammar skills, and competency as well as strong thesis statement supported by evidence found in the report and your research. The summary requires that you read governmental evaluative research, assess the evidence provided, summarize the government’s findings, and report its findings in a clear, cogent, and structurally sound report.
See the template at the end of the syllabus which you will use for all summaries on countries of the week; this is mandatory.
*The following rubric will be used for grading (On Canvas):
The TIP Report has five main sections; each of the five sections will be assessed separately so that the students are clear on their final grade given this transparency and clarity. Each section will be worth 20 points for the five sections with a total of 100 points for each report. In addition, each section will be evaluated/graded on its structure, grammar, language, and content.
*Note: Structure refers to organization, format, and proper expression of thought. Grammar refers to proper sentence structure, syntax, and the competent use of punctuation. Language refers to vocabulary used properly in the context of human trafficking as well as the proper voice and tone for this type of summary. Content refers to an in-depth analysis and understanding of the TIP Repot with supportive detail.

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