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1. Library assignment: Choose one of the topics listed in the table of contents

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Biology | 0 comments

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1. Library assignment: Choose one of the topics listed in the table of contents in the textbook for your research paper. Please pick a topic that interests you. Please use at least three or more sources for your paper. Submit your topic for approval in week 2 and your final paper in week 4.
Paper – Regarding a topic covered in the course. The paper must be 2-3 pages, in WORD, typed and double-spaced, cover page, with sources, cited both in-text and on a reference page (per APA format).
See the grading rubric for more detailed grading criteria.
Guidelines for Library Assignment
For this assignment, you will prepare and deliver a paper on a topic related to Biology. You can choose your research question. The project could be the application of Biology in our daily life, medicine, technology, discoveries, etc.
Paper Format: APA format, using 2-3 scholarly resources, length of paper should be 2-3 pages.
The research paper should include the following:
• Title Page: should include the title of your paper and your name.
• Introduction Paragraph: an introduction to your general topic (4-5 sentences). For example you can define your topic, and provide a little background information, motivation, and question.
• Content: In this section, make sure you provide the background information necessary to understand your topic. This section should be at least two pages long, and very detailed and descriptive.
• Conclusion Paragraph: include a summary of the major points you’ve made in your paper.
• References: list all the references used in your paper
refer to rubric uploaded for guidance
Please use the references I have uploaded as the sources for the paper. Add more sources if necessary. Thank You!!

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