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Although policy often affects delivery of services, you are more likely to engag

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Social Work | 0 comments

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Although policy often affects delivery of services, you are more likely to engage directly with a program created under the umbrella of a policy. And different states likely implement a given policy differently via unique programs. The ability to distinguish a program from a policy is an important feature of social work practice. In this Assignment, you differentiate between a program and policy through a case study. You also identify a state or local policy in your own state that might change the way services are delivered in the case study (Florida).
Review the case study found in attachments on Joe.
Locate state-specific information from your state (Florida) that is related to the policies and programs featured in the case study.
In 2–3 pages, address the following:
1. Identify the programs the social worker in the case study engaged with.
2. Identify the policies that drove the programs and indicate which were federal and which were state or local.
3. Explain how these policies affected the social worker’s delivery of services.
4. Imagine that this scenario took place at an agency in your state. Research and identify one state or local policy in your area that would affect your delivery of services. Explain how this state or local policy affects the program.
Use the resources below to help you find details about state or local policy variation:
Popple, P. R., & Leighninger, L. (2019). The policy-based profession: An introduction to social welfare policy analysis for social workers (7th ed.). Pearson Education.
Chapter 1, “The Policy-Based Profession” (pp. 3–18)

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