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At least 2- pg. analysis of a print or video public service announcement. Locat

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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At least 2- pg. analysis of a print or video public service announcement. Locate a print or video public service announcement, determine the context, and analyze the content and design. You will also share your findings with the class. Canvas message me if you have any questions.
Text Readings
BR text: Ch. 4 “Analyzing Visual Rhetoric” and Ch. 5 “Analyzing Multimodal Rhetoric”
Getting Started
Study the “Visual Rhetoric PSAs” file of print public service announcements that I’ve posted in Module 1A for Lab 5. Also study the video PSAs I’ve posted there.
Search the internet and other media for a public service announcement (either print or video) that you find especially effective. (You may not use one from Lab 5.)
Determine the context for your chosen PSA: target viewer, sponsor, purpose for the PSA, when it was created, by whom, where it appeared. How does the context of its creation and publication affect its intended audience?
Describe the content of the PSA in detail, and consider the rationale for choosing what is included and what is left out visually.
Describe the design choices including fonts, sizes, placement of images and text, color, point of view. Consider the rationale for these choices. Which visual elements grab your attention first, and how do other details reinforce that impression? How does the image direct the viewer’s eyes and reinforce what is important? Consider the shapes, colors, and details of the image, as well as how the elements of the image connect with different arguments and audiences.
Consider rationale for choosing text/wording/phrasing. What is the relationship between the image and any text that accompanies it?
Consider persuasive appeals (logos, pathos, ethos).
publishing Tips
Use a memo format (use memo heading, single space paragraphs, double space between paragraphs, don’t indent, use descriptive headings: Context, Content, Design Choices, Text, Persuasive Appeals). In the introduction, include the URL for the PSA you chose.
Address each of the areas listed above (in “Getting Started”), providing lots of detail to support your findings.
Don’t use “you”; instead write “the viewer.”
Write in present tense about the ad. Be sure you included PSA URL in introduction.

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