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Course Level Objectives: Identify the impact of culture on leadership styles.

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Public Administration | 0 comments

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Course Level Objectives:
Identify the impact of culture on leadership styles.
Describe multicultural awareness and competencies
Articulate the impact of cultural context on conflict negotiation and ethical decision-making
Effective leaders must have a vision that challenges all employees to reach for the stars. But creating a vision requires many attributes as much as the vision itself. The vision provides an alternative to the present and gives those who must work or share in the vision a connection with their own values and a chance to a better and improved future.
For this exercise, you shall complete the following:
Identify two leaders – one male and one female from any countries or corporations based in South America and Africa. Please pay attention to your selection because you will need a lot of information about your choices.
Your introduction must mention the names and countries of your selected leaders. Conduct research on the two leaders selected above based on the following criteria:
A. Identify, define and evaluate the leadership visions of your respective leaders.
B. Discuss whether their leadership visions evolved over the course of time? Your work must specify the elements of the vision and how they evolved or failed to change over time
C. What role did data collection, brainstorming, and values play in creating these visions?
D. Based on your understanding of this chapter, what conclusions can you draw regarding the selected leaders? Why?
E. This last part of your paper will be completed in module 4 using information from Chapter 4 after submitting the first publish in module 3. On this additional page, you should address the leadership teams of the two leaders. What type of leadership team did each create? How were the leadership teams created? How did the leader deal with team dynamics? Finally, with specific examples, highlight and explain whether these teams experienced the theory of team phases. Why or why not?

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