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Discussion boards should be written in accordance with APA guidelines (6th or 7t

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Discussion boards should be written in accordance with APA guidelines (6th or 7th.) Please make sure your post is written in 12 pt, Times New Roman font, double-spaced. FSU Library has copies of the APA available for check-out or rental. Purdue OWL also provides a detailed electronic guide for APA formatting here: (Links to an external site.)
Before completing the initial individual discussion board post, please read the following documents (also posted in Module 1):
Why Macro Practice Matters.pdf
Contemporary perceptions of social work macro practice in the profession.pdf
Yes Macro Practice Matters Embracing the Complexity of Real World Social Work.pdf
Please answer the following questions in at least 250 words each. If you make references to a specific article, please make sure it is clear what article you are referring to, and please provide specific examples.
1) What surprised you the most across the three articles?
2) The article “Contemporary perceptions of social work macro practice…” discusses the general view of social workers in the area they surveyed, ranging from tasks, education, payment, and more – How accurate do you feel these assumptions are in the field? What makes you think that?
3) What are your thoughts on this statement from the article “Yes, Macro Practice Matters…” that says, “A hallmark of our profession is the recognition that micro level issues are often the result of macro level problems and that macro level social change often starts with micro level interactions?”
4) From these three articles, it is clear that perceptions of macro social work are either negative or less-informed than other social work practice approaches. It is also clear that social work students and clinicians’ investment in macro practice has dwindled. What do you think we could do to increase investment in this social work track or better the overall perceptions of the value of the work?

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