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Explain a company’s marketing strategy by discussing the following: (A company/p

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

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Explain a company’s marketing strategy by discussing the following: (A company/product of my choice.)
1) Describe the product.
I am looking for a brief description of the product and company you are writing about. Marketing 3.0 helps explain what a company’s focus should be. Describe the company’s values (what it should stand for/represent) and whether the company provides its customers with the answer to the question of “why?” – as in why should I buy from you.
2) How is the product being branded? Explain the brand symbol and the company’s slogan.
In addition, branding is discussed at the following website: Branding has to do with a product (and company’s) identity.
3) Explain the product’s value proposition.
A link to the following website was provided that discusses value: Value is the “get versus the give”.
4) Where is the product in terms of the product life-cycle?
The product life-cycle is explained on page 278 with implications for a company’s marketing strategy.
5) What are the relevant micro and macro environmental factors?
These are explained on the following website: These factors help explain the challenges that companies face.
6) How is the market segmented?
The first gives a thorough overview of the process. It is also discussed at the following website:
7) What people is the company targeting/should target?
The same sources should be used as in #6. Segmentation and targeting explain who a company’s customers are – and who they are not.
8) How is/should the product be positioned?
Positioning is done to focus a company’s product to the target segment.
9) How is/should the product be promoted in terms of using an integrated marketing strategy involving their website?
In answering, you need to address the role of the website and the possible use of social media.
Once a market has been segmented, a group of customers targeted, and the product/service positioned in that segment, a promotional strategy can be devised. Explain the topic of “uniqueness”/differentiation and the importance of persuasion.
Illustrate social media tools and their implementation.
10) Ultimately, do you think the company will be successful? Why or why not?
This is a wrap-up/conclusion based on the main points made throughout the paper. What are the key factors that will determine a company’s (or specific product’s) success?
*Include any references that you use – including the company’s website.
*The length of the paper must be at least three pages (750 words)
*You may not copy and paste any information from the Internet. The paper must be in your own words.
Here is the outline for the paper.
Please use these sub-headings so that I can follow your presentation:
Product Description, Product Branding, Value Proposition, Stage of Product Life- Cycle and Implications, Micro and Macro Environmental Factors, Market Segmentation, Target Segments, Product Positioning, Product Promotion, Company Success
*Please footnote sources as appropriate (1).

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