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First Paragraph: Prepare a brief summary of your primary sparketype, shadow spar

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Human Relations | 0 comments

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First Paragraph: Prepare a brief summary of your primary sparketype, shadow sparketype, and anti sparketype. Do not copy and paste from your results. Really think about what the results indcate and imply.
Second Paragraph: Based on what you have learned about your sparketype profile, describe whether or not you agree with the results, how the results may help you as you consider what activities/work “spark” you. This description should not be a ‘text book’ answer but should be a personalized (based on your specific situation) description of how you can incorporate this information into your daily life and pursuit of a career.
The paper should be written following APA or MLA guidelines and should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx file types). Submit it through the assignment page for this course.
NOTE: As an alternative, you may record a video of yourself explaining your results and what you learned from the assessment following the written guidelines above, just provide the same information by talking about it and recording yourself.
Notes on grading for all written assignments:
Proper spelling and grammar are not optional! Use the spell check and grammar check functions in Microsoft Word but don’t rely on them to catch all of your mistakes.
Any graphs or illustrations should be relevant to the report.
Do not copy/paste information from the internet. Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment and the student being reported to the Vice President of Instruction for possible disciplinary action.
In the photos I leave what came out in the sparketype.

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