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Group Name and Description Develop and state the name of your group based off y

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Group Name and Description
Develop and state the name of your group based off your group topic. Be creative! Then, briefly describe your group topic that will be addressed along with the age level you will be working with.
Describe the needs assessment process and how you determined the need for this group. How will you justify the need to conduct this group? What data can you present to justify the need on the campus/for the organization?
What is the purpose of this group?
How will this small group unit plan help address and support campus/organizational needs? What is the benefit to participants?
Literature Review
Include at least three empirical, peer reviewed articles/studies (that are published in a peer reviewed journal) that have investigated some aspect of your topic. All of your articles should be “scholarly” and “research-based,” meaning they are peer-reviewed and include a “write up” of an actual study that includes data collection OR references a research study or studies (a scholarly literature review is an example of an article that might “reference” research studies).
**At least two of the three must have a data collection section as part of the article. You can access the library databases for your literature review. I like Academic Search Complete, but you can use any of the databases. Most articles are online in pdf format. Check the articles and websites provided for possible references.
You may use only one reference from a .gov or .org site.
When finding supporting research for your group, sometimes you will have to do research over each piece of your specific group, and then put your research findings together to develop the unit plan. For example, I have had to research cognitive development in general, young children’s cognitive development, and then compare and contrast the differences in order to apply the findings to the curriculum lesson I’m developing for my specific research group sessions. Though this example does not specifically apply to this assignment, you would use the same research principles for your unit plan.
Use the attached template to organize your work. One tip for your “short reviews” sections: Use your writing skills to synthesize the pertinent information from the study/article/resource. Do NOT simply paste in the abstract or use all direct quotations. We are looking for YOU to review the resource, synthesize the information, and be able to provide a short review of the elements within it that are relevant to your group proposal. In addition, if your article includes data collection (which 2 of the 3 MUST), you should make that clear in your review by using data collection terminology. Remember, though you are synthesizing the information from the article, in-text citations are still needed with your summaries.

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