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Much has been made of the number of people resigning their positions in 2021. So

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Human Relations | 0 comments

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Much has been made of the number of people resigning their positions in 2021. Some are calling this the Great Resignation and have linked this to the COVID-19 pandemic. As discussed in this module, turnover is one of the main HR metrics that drives decisions on talent strategy.
For this assignment, Assume that you are an HR director for a multi-state grocery operation. Staff turnover has been in line with other competitors, but is still high compared to past years. You know that staff are stressed and working overtime, but leadership is focused on profit margins. Margins are currently high because labor costs are down due to short staffing. For reference, the average wage for front-line workers is $14/hour. There are 340 front-line employees currently, with need for 400. Each month, you hire an average of 25 front-line employees, but lose an average of 30.
For this assignment:
Give a current snapshot of internal and external labor considerations (i.e. stressed staff, market forces, etc.) and express concerns with the current staffing levels.
Develop at least 2 recommendations to retain current staff.
Develop at least 2 recommendations to attract new staff.
Provide a cost analysis showing the benefits of implementing recommendations.
Provide a timeline for implementing recommendations.
Provide metrics that will be tracked to show progress of the recommendations.
Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, not including the title page or references, and conform to APA guidelines

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