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Power relating to social status is premised on a willingness to “participate”; w

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Human Relations | 0 comments

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Power relating to social status is premised on a willingness to “participate”; what might constitute criteria for non-participation, and should we think of this as a power instrument?
Initial Postings:
Students must post one substantive response that addresses each discussion question or topic. Initial Postings are to be soundly reasoned arguments that build on the student’s understanding of the topic and demonstrate careful reading, professional or personal experiences, and any external research conducted. The Initial Posting criteria include:
Initial postings must be submitted by the due date (0 points if submitted after posted end date without permission).
Initial postings should directly and thoughtfully address the question or scenario, citing where necessary specific sections of the lesson’s assigned readings, or external sources, to support an argument.
A typical post will be approximately 150-200 words, but quality counts over quantity and going over will not count against you.
Initial postings should represent the student’s original and considered thoughts: it should not reference initial responses from other students. These are not mini-essays, nor must they conform to a formal academic style. They must however cite all external sources referenced, including the course materials.
Posts should be free of spelling errors, be grammatically correct, and written in complete sentences.

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