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. . . Search for two articles in each of those databases, published in the last

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. . . Search for two articles in each of those databases, published in the last year on the topic of sexual violence. This will give you a total of 4 articles.
Next, find a statistic related to sexual violence from a relevant government or related institution (e.g. CDC, National Center for PTSD) and that has been inspired by the articles you’ve found.
Summarize each article, inserting the statistic appropriately. In your summary, use different types of citation: paraphrasing, direct quotation, and indirect reference. Use APA 7.0 citation format as appropriate for these types of citations and with the types of references you have. Create a “References” page in the appropriate spot in your document, using appropriate formatting for each of the 4 articles you summarized, plus the source for your statistic.
Submit this in a word document, using APA 7.0 formatting.
Consult online sources to verify your APA 7.0 formatting. There are many online resources including APA 7.0 checklists, the Purdue Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.) or any recent APA format guide to double check your work. Be careful. Make sure it follows APA 7.0.
I encourage you to download Endnote 9, citation software available on the Rudolph Matas website. This reference manager is free to you as a student and will be very valuable for building reference libraries. Note that Endnote and all other reference managers usually require you to edit the final references as they may not be properly formatted APA 7.0 style (even if they say they are).
Upload your response using Submit Assignment at the top right of the page.

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