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The take-home exam has the format of an argumentative essay. Choose one or a cou

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The take-home exam has the format of an argumentative essay. Choose one or a couple of relatedconcepts as the main focus of your text. You should develop an individual line of argumentationand reflection upon this/these concept(s). You may develop your argument based on questions suchas:
1. What do(es) the selected concept(s) address and illustrate?
2. Does it provide guidance on how to deal concretely with environmental problems insustainability planning?
3. Do(es) the concept(s) have a normative side, or normative implications?
4.Do(es) the selected concept(s) help us to properly explain or understand environment andsociety relations?
5. How is/are the concept(s) productive? In other words, what understanding and actions maythe concept(s) provoke?
6. What is hidden or ignored by the concept(s)? In other words, which are the limitations?
7 .How do(es) the concept(s) resonate with (one or several of) the discourses that Dryzek haspresented? Are there contrasts or similarities to other concepts, or parallels that might be drawn?
8.If you have more than one concept, you should also elaborate on how the selected conceptsrelate to each other.You are free to organize your essay as you see fit and to choose the concepts that you find the mostinteresting.
Your text will be assessed based on how you relate to and build upon the courseliterature in you argumentation, your familiarity with and critical understanding of the literature,but also how you relate your concepts and arguments to the practical sustainability challenges thatwe face.Don’t forget that it is important to provide clear references to the course literature in your text, withreference to the specific page. Unless it is a reference to a very general argument, then you mayreference the whole book or chapter.You should write no more than 3 pages, which means that you have to work carefully with yourtext, your arguments and references. Use 12p font size and 1.15 line spacing. Don’t put your nameon the pages as we are anonymizing the home exams.
Note: Please the assignment should be based on the course guide and the course literature.Nothing should come outside the literatures and the course guide.
It is a retake paper so kindly do justice to it.

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