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This assignment is the first Management Self Assessment Set you will complete in

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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This assignment is the first Management Self Assessment Set you will complete in the course. You will complete a number of these across the course. For each ‘Set’, you will follow the process below to analyze, evaluate and use information in your growth and development in management understand to use whether you become a manager or remaining in an individual contributor / team member role.** All of these Assessment Sets will then be used to develop your final written assignment for the course – personal Growth / Development plan.
The steps for this assignment are:
I. Complete the following chapter Self Assessments / Surveys and questions pertaining to the aforementioned
R U Ready to be a Manager ( p 3 )
Are You Ready to be a Manager ( p 4 )
in section 1.5B ( p 19 – ‘Take Action’ ) — Can you make a personal transformation from an individual performer to a manager – one who accomplishes work by engaging and coordinating other people.
in section 1.7 ( p 26 ) Are you a New-style or Old-style Manager?
in section 1.10c ( p 36 ) What’s your MACH? & pg 37 – ‘Take Action’ How will your management assumptions about people fit into an organization today?
End of Chapter ( pp 48-49 ) Self-Learning – Mgmt Aptitude Questionnaire — Reflect on the strength of your preferences among the three types of skills and the implications for you as a manager. ( p 13 ‘Take Action’)
II. Upon completion of each assessment document the results in the form above [download template at (Links to an external site.) ] – calculate your scores, where applicable.
III. Consider the results yielded by each assessment tool, the ideas in each column, and document your thoughts.
*The BEST submissions —
Always have support. Strong professional academic work should always have it. Without support — i.e. references to course materials, researched references, ‘time when’ stories of personal experiences or other illustrations of course ideas – the work lacks the evidence needed to be persuasive.
** Consider that Career goals may not necessarily include being a ‘manager’, per se. Your achievements as an individual contributor and team member can be greatly enhanced by improving your ‘management’ competencies, through a strong understanding of, and competency in the processes and decision-making of a ‘manager’.

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