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After viewing/reading the course page and conducting your own research via the G

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After viewing/reading the course page and conducting your own research via the GMC library and course text book, respond to the following prompt. Keep in mind that this is not a discussion forum. This is a writing assignment. You will not be responding to other student’s posts; you will simply be posting your response to the prompt below. The grading rubric for this assignment is also posted in the Course Syllabus. Remember to follow all guidelines below:
In at least two well-developed paragraphs (and a paragraph is at least five to seven sentences) discuss:
Was the American Revolution, revolutionary? Meaning, many historians argue that yes a new government was created and amazingly survived. That is astounding and theywere really creating something wholly different than other governments from around the world. However, for many people their lives the day afterthe war did not look anydifferent from their lives before the war. They had the same jobs, the same economic status, politicalbenefits or exclusions. Positions of power did not change for many white men and women and certainly not for American Indians and slaves. With these two different ideas in mind about the Revolution answer the question: was the American Revolution revolutionary or not and be sure to support your answers with primary and secondary sources.
Your post should be cited in APA format with credible and scholarly sources from the GMC library databases. You may also use your textbook as a source. Remember to cite all quotes.
The guidelines for this assignment are:
Your response must be two well-developed paragraphs of a minimum of five sentences each.
Your complete word count on this assignment must be at least 250 words.
You must ONLY use the GMC library, online learning resources, or the course textbook.
You must cite all direct quotes and paraphrased material with proper APA in-text citations in the paragraphs.
At the bottom of your submission (right below the paragraphs), you must include an APA-style bibliography of all the sources you used.
Your submission should be free of grammar, content, and style errors.

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