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book: Six Days of War, Michael B. Oren “Book Report and Review” Research Paper (

by | Aug 31, 2022 | American History | 0 comments

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Six Days of War, Michael B. Oren
“Book Report and Review” Research Paper
For the Semester, students must read a historical work and complete a Book Report
and Review on that work read. I will give the class a list of sources that I want to you to
pick from. These will be posted on Canvas. Students are required to at least read a portion
of the work and summarize the source along with some critical review of the work. The
books must be either purchased or gotten from a library and/or internet source. The
source must be from the list! DO NOT USE OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCES TO
The paper must include a cover page, double spacing using 12 font (no italics),
correct margins, minimum of 3 pages in length (for the main body). Your paper should
include a work cited page of the book using MLA style; see this following website for an
example of how to cite in MLA:
The main section of the paper (approximately minimum 2-3 pages) should include a
book report about the work (summarization of the work). A short review section should
also be included about the work; at least writing a paragraph size.
Points may be taken off for a lack of written material on what you read for the semester.
For the critical review section – this should be a form of criticism about the book and its
author. Examples: Did you like the work? Would you recommend it to someone for
reading? What were some positive or negative aspects of the work? What were some
positive, negatives aspects of the author’s style of writing on the subject?
For the research paper, a rough publish is not necessary for your work, but I do want
you to include a copy of the book from the first page of the work (copyright page is fine).
Outline of what to include in your paper:
I. Cover Page (see this website for MLA citation:

MLA Format Cover Page

II. Main Body and synopsis
III. Review of the book and its author
IV. MLA work citation of the Book
V. Please also check for Plagiarism issues for your paper

Plagiarism Checker

This Research Paper will be due at the end of the Semester (See Academic
Calendar). It is mandatory and will be worth 200 points toward total semester grades.
Students in this project must successfully learn to read and research historical topics with
various primary and secondary sources (Learning Outcomes 2 and 3).
Your paper should include a summarization of the work and some critical review all included in the same paper. So do not forget to take notes on the author’s work, especially the work’s major points.

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