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Here is our first assignment. It has a high point value, so, please follow the

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Here is our first assignment. It has a high point value, so, please follow the guidelines as outlined in the NSU official course syllabus for the three (3) assignments in our class. Assignment one (1) has a maximum value of 30 points.
Let’s begin:
Conduct an in-depth review regarding Strategic Planning. The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand Strategic Planning. Authentic leaders who choose to frequently explore-utilize research on various topics, generally are far more advanced in their skills to critically think and effectively lead organizations along with being current on a wide range of topics as a subject matter source.
This academic paper must be 7-10 pages in length (double-spaced), not counting the title and reference pages. It must include a minimum of 7 scholarly references (journal articles, not less reliable-web sources). You should be comfortable using the Sherman Library and accessing that data from their many scholarly resources.
Paper should have an introduction, body, conclusion, and reference section.
Paper should also have appropriate headings, spacing, formatting and sub-headings in the body of the paper. Not hyperlinks are to be included.
Write transition sentences between sections so that the reader knows where you are going and why.
Note that this is a research paper. Avoid all first person pronouns and personal opinion. Appearance, punctuation, grammar, neatness, and spelling count.
Every assignment must include the FCE title page (found in APA/Writing Resources) and a reference list in APA form and style. Please do not make up your own style or reporting format and do not modify any part of the APA writing style.
Please review-follow the official NSU syllabus for additional information.
A reminder it is not wise to procrastinate. I strongly suggest you begin to work on all our class assignments early.

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