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I have attached my two previous assignments. Please click on the folder to see

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I have attached my two previous assignments. Please click on the folder to see my professor’s comments.
In this assignment, you will continue publishing your plan to launch a new product or service. To complete
the business plan, you will now write sections that describe your growth strategy, leadership team and
key roles, and marketing plan.
In Assignment 3, you will complete the final three sections of your Business Plan:
§ Section IX: Growth Strategy / Impact Plan
§ Section X: Management Team / Leadership Team and Key Roles
§ Section XI: Marketing Plan
After all sections of the business plan are published, you will write your Executive Summary. This text will be
placed at the start of your paper, as Section I, but it is written last because it is an overview of the whole
Business Plan.
Continue to use the same big idea that you used in Assignments 1 and 2. As before, you will follow the
instructions in ONE of the three Options below and you will continue to work with the template that
matches your chosen Option. Option B – ENTREPRENEUR
o Write a one- to two-page overview, presenting the key points of the overall Business Plan.
Address all sections of the plan in Summary fashion. This should include a key point from
every section in the plan.
* Note: the Executive Summary is the first section in your paper, but it is the last section you will write.
This works best because the Executive Summary provides an overview of your entire Business plan.
o Compare your strategic position in the market with your competitors.
o How will you develop a loyal customer base for the products or services you sell?
o How fast will you grow?
o Where do you believe you can expand your business? (i.e., geographic areas, new markets)
o How do you believe you can expand your business? (i.e., additional products and services,
mergers, new industries, etc.)

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