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Identification of key relevant ethical issues: The core moral issue for this cas

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Identification of key relevant ethical issues: The core moral issue for this case is, “Should net neutrality be preserved?” However, there are several related larger moral issues that must be identified in order to respond to this particular issue. Remember that a moral issue is normative – these are to be expressed as questions using normative terms (e.g. using terms such as “should” and “ought,” and concerning issues of right and wrong regarding moral rights & obligations, etc.)
Asking the Right Questions:
Before you can answer the overarching moral question for this case, you need to gather some evidence and critical information. What facts would you need to know about this case to make a reasonably informed judgment? In this section, note that you should be raising non-normative questions such as the current policies of internet providers, the revenue and costs of prioritizing various web-based retailers and media platforms, etc. The case study should be research questions and as such should be concrete and answerable with reference to assessable data and reliable sources. No bias or prejudice should be evident and the questions should be assessable and non-normative (no “ought,” “should,” “would,” or “could” questions). Think about facts that, if known might help determine how one should or could respond to the case.
Justify the preservation of net neutrality
Reading from the article from The New York Times would it be likely to justify the preservation of net neutrality? Defend your answer including specific details from a at least three credible resources and provide citations from your sources to support your answer. Remember, students must provide informed response with rich detail from the case to illustrate the specific key points that’s relevant. Be sure to raise a counter consideration to the argument and provide an appropriate response to the counter consideration.
Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think net neutrality should be preserved? Briefly defend your answer without resorting to a repetition of points made in previous sections.

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