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Just about all careers rely on data–collecting data, using data in a customer-s

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Economics | 0 comments

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Just about all careers rely on data–collecting data, using data in a customer-service manner, using data for business decision-making, etc. Reflect on the collection and use of data in your current, or most recent position and answer the questions below. If you have not yet started a career, you can think about another context–universities, towns/cities,–or speak to someone else in a career that you find interesting. You will be asked to discuss the context of your answers. If you need to speak to others in your agency to get information, that is fine as well. Please INDICATE YOUR SOURCE and the POSITION that he or she holds.
If you are not currently employed or work in a highly classified environment (defense contractor, etc.) do not worry. You can think about a past job, a job you want in the future, or you can apply the lessons to an industry you are familiar with. For example, if your dream is to be a sports agent, you could think about the sports industry (lots of statistics are used). If your family has a business, you could think about that. If you are fresh out of university, you might think about higher education. If your parent is a teacher, you could think about K-12 education. The key thing is that you identify a context and use that for your discussions.
Answer the following questions thoroughly and clearly, being as intuitive as possible.
Give examples to illustrate. Writing quality does count, so be sure to edit your work before submitting it.
You cannot answer with just a few words or a sentence. Short, unclear, unintuitive answers will detract from your grade. (Note the word length that is indicated.)
If receiving information from others, please indicate the individual by name and position.
Please cut and paste each question and then provide your answer below it, for ease of following your submission.
See the rubric at the bottom of the assignment.
If you are repeating this course, be sure that you do not submit the same paper from the previous course. Find some different things to discuss or share. We understand there will be some overlap but you need to work hard to differentiate your paper from previous versions in both examples and discussions.
Provide answers ranging from 150-200 words, approximately, for each part, depending on how much is being requested in the question.
a) Fully describe the career/position/organization based on which you will answer the questions related to data (not the data collection process). Be clear if this is your current position/firm or a position/firm you hope to transition into.
b) Start by describing your firm/organization and the industry you are in. Then tell us about the use of data in your firm/organization. What kinds of data does your firm/organization collect? What constitutes an “observation” in the examples you provide? Provide a discussion that addresses these questions.
c) How does your firm utilize the data that it collects? And what decisions are made based on this data, and how does the data influence the outcomes of decisions? Provide a discussion that addresses these questions.
d) Does your firm have data or statistics that it publicly reveals, perhaps in a report, in data that has to be submitted to another agency, in marketing, etc? If so, explain fully and discuss the motivation for revealing/publishing data. If the answer is NO, what kinds of information could be publicly revealed, and what might be a reason to do so? Provide a discussion that addresses these questions.
e) How important is data accuracy in the scenario you describe above? Are there any controls in place to ensure data accuracy? If NOT, what ideas do you have that might ensure/improve data accuracy? Provide a discussion that addresses these questions.
f) Envision an interesting research question that could be implemented in your firm using experimental or non-experimental research. Be clear about which you are employing. And, fully identify and explain your dependent and independent variables.
ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: The assignment must be typed and submitted as a WORD document.
Do not submit photographs of work, as they are too hard to read in the Canvas environment.
Cut and paste each question and answer it below for ease of grading.

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