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Must include this thesis: Lawmakers must invest more in the roads that are decay

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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Must include this thesis: Lawmakers must invest more in the roads that are decayed or under construction so taxpayers can move quickly and safely to work
You must write a Proposal Memo at least 800 words long. The memo must discuss the topic you plan to research. Your Proposal Memo topic should be a topic that focuses on two tasks:
• defining a problem in your workplace or community (neighborhood) persuasively and accurately.
• proposing a solution or solutions to the problem or issue.
1. Your memo is structured/formatted with correct sections and headings.
2. Your decision Maker(s) is/are clearly identified.
3. You have included each section with heading and provide all required information per assignment instructions.
4. Your memo meets word length requirements and follows correct business style.
In a few sentences, explain why you are writing your memo. Specifically ask permission to research your topic and write a report about it.
What the problem is and why it needs to be investigated
In a few paragraphs describe the problem you are writing about and explain why you want to do research and write a report about the problem and solutions you will propose.
Secondary research you will conduct
In a few sentences, discuss the research you will conduct using the UMGC library. Remember to mention both trade (professional) sources and scholarly sources.
Benefits of your research and your report’s recommendations
In a few paragraphs discuss why your research the report you write will benefit your audience and provide possible solutions to the problem you are investigating.
In a few sentences repeat your request for permission to do research and write a report on your topic. Mention the benefits that your work will offer in providing possible solutions to a known problem in your workplace or community.

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