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Once you have read these texts, please watch the first episode of Stranger Thing

by | Aug 31, 2022 | American Literature | 0 comments

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Once you have read these texts, please watch the first episode of Stranger Things season 1 (S1E1). While watching, take notes that might enable you to address the following questions, which are your prompts for the week:
REQUIRED: Which of Mendlesohn’s four modes of contact with the fantastic does this episode of Stranger Things seem to display? Why? Defend your answer with a few quotes from Mendlesohn’s text, as well as (more importantly) concrete evidence from the episode. Depth of and smart engagement with evidence will largely determine your grade. You could also …
…discuss the types of feelings and emotions that contact with the fantastic in this specific way allows/exploits.
…. discuss how such feelings/emotions maybe wouldn’t be as easy to achieve if our contact with the fantastic occurred through one of the other modes
…. discuss the ideological (or new rhetorical) possibilities that this particular mode of contact with the fantastic permits / might permit.
REQUIRED: Talk preliminarily about gender dynamics at work in this first episode. How is masculinity defined and normalized in this first episode? Femininity? Perhaps compare/contrast masculine vs femininine representations by comparing/contrasting two characters (Hopper vs Joyce, for example). Other sub-questions to spur creativity here might include:
How does this episode reflect and re-normalize traditional gender norms?
How might this text challenge traditional gender norms?
Which characters are the most traditionally masculine and feminine? Which are the least? How does this episode (and its magic!) treat characters who conform with traditional gender norms, versus those who transgress them?
OPTIONAL: So far, what appears to be the cause of the fantastic’s presence in this world? Where are the portals, what seems to initiate them, and what–if any–metaphorical connections to real life can we make? Is it too early to begin answering this question?
OPTIONAL: How did fantasy literature as a genre (beyond the use of the fantastic) come about? If you had to write the rules for what officially counts as inside versus outside the genre called Fantasy Literature, what would those rules be?

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