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This essay should be 2-4 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. Font, APA F

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Public Relations | 0 comments

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This essay should be 2-4 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. Font, APA Format
Define urbanization. Describe three pros and three cons for urbanization and include examples. Pick one form of urbanization and describe how that form of urbanization can impact an individual’s health status. Pick a health issue of your choice and describe how urbanization and vulnerable populations play a role in the prevalence of that health issue. Name at least one public health intervention that is used to address urbanization (Describe that intervention and how it is used to address urbanization).
This is what I have written so far.
Urbanization has drastically affected on population’s health and well-being. It impacts the entire population
Urbanization defines what cities grow in society, become more urban, and increase the population in town as far more jobs come to the city expands; as the cities or crowd grows, people tend to move to the outskirt of rural, suburban areas to avoid the group. It started in the industrial revolution when workers moved toward manufacturing. The essay talks about the drastic change that happened in New Orleans’s Gentrification of low-income neighborhood-like areas after Hurricane Katrina came to town and destroyed individual homes. The resident could no longer afford to live in their neighborhood because the rent was expensive majority of the residents were receiving housing assistance during that time. I am from New Orleans, and the community looks completely different now and more expensive. They wanted to lower crime rates in the city by making the residents move out of their housing projects. However, when that happened, it caused the crime rate to rise higher in suburban areas destroying the excellent neighborhood. Now they built towns houses. Some people who lived for 30 years decided to sell their homes and move into a safe place. They wanted to attract more terrorists to the city to make it appeasable to the outside guest visiting New Orleans. When you build new communities, the following community will suffer in the long run.
Talk about What it’s like to get kicked out of your neighborhood” and look at some effects gentrification and displacement can have on the community. The culture, environment, and landscape of the community are changing based on the population. Also, look at some of the effects that it can have on the population itself. What does that mean for the community members, where they are displaced too, how does that affect their overall culture, and what are the pros and cons
Pros Better living conditions or housing facilities sing, growth in taxes for the local government, can increase the cultural diversity or more access to employment
Cons Could lead to poor living conditions to access to quality healthcare, unequal living opportunities or lack of opportunities, crime rate, high taxes.
Another example of a successful business buying up other community buildings and forcing business owners to move out of their communities. So they have more economic advancement in other areas. They will suffer because they can no longer access healthcare, doctor’s offices, hospitals, or convenience grocery stores. Other diseases like diabetes can also affect the population due to access to build healthy lifestyle grocery stores related to food deserts.
Urban Sprawl and Risk for Being Overweight or Obese
Am J Public Health. 2004 September; 94(9): 1574–1579.
doi: 10.2105/ajph.94.9.1574
PMCID: PMC1448496
PMID: 15333317
Urban Sprawl and Risk for Being Overweight or Obese
Making the Blue Zones: Neoliberalism and nudges in public health promotion pdf
Disparities and access to healthy food in the United States: A review of food
deserts literature pdf

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