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1. Review this unit’s required readings on sexual morality. Your instructor will

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1. Review this unit’s required readings on sexual morality. Your instructor will divide the class into pairs then assign issues for each group. You will debate the assigned issue with with your assigned partner only. (To make sure all topics are covered, only two learners will be debate a given topic):
Pre-Marital Sexual Relations
Same-Sex Relationships/Marriage
2. Include in your original post the following:
State succinctly why you are for or against your chosen topic.
Include substantial reasoning.
Do your views adhere to the Divine Command or Natural Law theories? Why or why not?
3. When responding to your peers, play the devil’s advocate and enter into a healthy debate.
Read the article,
“How to Play Devil’s Advocate,” to help debate your classmate. Choose one or two of the examples to assist in the development of your debate. Make sure to cite sound reasoning in your debate.
Please note: Do not enter into a debate with anyone other than your assigned partner.
Choose an exchange between two of your classmates on the Discussion Board. Write a few paragraphs analyzing each classmate’s argument. Identify places in which your classmates successfully applied rational thought and logic and why it is
important to do so when making a decision. Also point out the role emotion played in their arguments. Finally,
state who you think “won” the argument, focusing on the importance of logic in an argument in your response.
Participation Requirements:
Original discussion forum posts:
Create a thread for your original post identified with your name.
Prepare a quality, substantive post that addresses the objectives of the discussion forum and the
expectations set forth in the grading rubric
Include supportive evidence; such as direct applicable experience and expert sources.
Be sure to cite your source(s) within your writing and include the reference at the bottom of
your initial post.

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