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Again, I welcome you to health psychology. To open these links, first you must a

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Again, I welcome you to health psychology.
To open these links, first you must activate your FIU student access to the New York Times. Go to this website to do so: (Links to an external site.)
Please read this article in its entirety: “The other side of languishing” (Links to an external site.)
As I said in my welcome email, there is no better time to learn about health psychology than now. The pandemic has affected all of our lives. Those effects will be felt for a long time to come, especially for those of us who have lost loved ones.
It is important to self-reflect on how you are thinking about and coping with what we have been through.
The article linked below – is about flourishing – or thriving – some of us may be doing well in this area, and others maybe not so well. This article has a link to the Harvard Flourishing Scale – you can test yourself (Links to an external site.) and see how you score relative to others during the pandemic.
Please read the article and take the flourishing test – then think through your answers to these questions then compose your post.
Discussion Post Prompts:
How did you score on the Flourishing assessment? What does this tell you? How will it impact your thoughts and behaviors?
Please describe your personal definition of flourishing….what does flourishing mean to you and how do you personally flourish (e.g., what does flourishing look like for you)? Please be creative — you can create your own definition of something meaningful to you.
In this article, the authors highlight the importance of “savoring” and mention a study in college students. Following the study by Kurtz and Lyubomirsky (2012) please do the following “mindful photography” activity: Please take 5 photos of your everyday lives (friends, your favorite spot on campus, activities you enjoy, etc); then give a few sentences of reflection on each of the photos and the emotions you experience associated with these things or the photos. Please post the 5 photos and your reflections in the reaction
In a few sentences answer the following question… “How do I want to spend my time?”

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