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Can you imagine ordering a truckload of 2×4 wood studs and a few buckets of nail

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Internet Technology (IT) | 0 comments

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Can you imagine ordering a truckload of 2×4 wood studs and a few buckets of nails, having it all delivered to an empty lot, and asking a framing crew to build you a house? How would they know where to start and what you want? Of course, the framing crew would ask you for the blueprint, which is the plan for the house. For any project, whether building a house or creating an IT system, a plan is needed to understand what the project will accomplish.
Assignment Instructions
Select a topic for the IT project plan you will develop in Unit 6. Summarize the planning activities you would do for this project if it were initiated in your current organization or a past organization you worked in. Explain how the scope of the project would be planned using predictive project planning and how it would be planned using agile or hybrid project planning.
Begin the paper with a numbered list of the project management process groups and a one-sentence description of each.
Use this outline as section headings in your paper:
Project Management Process Groups
Description of the Project
Planning Activities for the Project
Predictive Scope Planning Explanation
Agile Scope Planning Explanation
Hybrid Scope Planning Explanation
Your paper should be no more than 4 pages (not including the title page or references), following APA formatting guidelines.
Assignment Requirements
Include a minimum of two credible sources. The textbook may be one of the sources. Add a title page and a reference page.

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