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For this written assignment, you are to watch one or more of the listed videos.

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For this written assignment, you are to watch one or more of the listed videos. These films can be found in the IHCC Library (Go to the IHCC Library, click on Library Databases, scroll half way down the page, click on Films on Demand, click, enter the username and password, enter the name of the film in the search tool.
A Service Not a Place – Full Video (29:18)
Standards & Inclusion:
Can We Have Both? – Full Video (41:41)
Teaching Lessons and Learning Lessons in the Special Ed Classroom –
Full Video (25:47)
Special Needs Students in Regular Classrooms?
Sean’s Story – Full Video (45:49)
After viewing the film, you are to write a reflection.
A film reflection is a composed reflection of your insights, opinion, or observation. It should have an introduction (thesis statement), body and conclusion. Your reflection should be 2+ pages in length (Times New Roman, 12 fonts, double-spaced). No title page or reference page is needed, however, you will need to title your paper the title of the film you watched. Make sure to add examples from the film and text-course content to support your thoughts in your reflection.
To include in your reflection as paragraphs:
1. Begin with an introduction and thesis statement.
2. Provide a brief summary of the series you viewed (1 to 2 paragraphs).
3. What did you learn that you did not know prior to watching the film? Explain. Give examples.
Finish this part of your discussion with the statement: From this film, I learned how important it
is to …
4. What happened in the film that reminds you of something that has occurred in your past or current educational career?
5. How has this film moved you from point A to point B in your thinking regarding exceptional students? Make sure to use examples from the film and use content from the textbook to support your conclusions.
6. Add a strong conclusion that provides closure to this essay.

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