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In around 350 words, summarize the assigned texts (those included in the file by

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In around 350 words, summarize the assigned texts (those included in the file by the name of IDS 3303 – PRIMARY SOURCES – PREMODERN) making sure to include the main facts and ideas in a comprehensive, organized, and clear way.
Make sure to demonstrate having read and understood the writing of at least three of the texts included in this document.
Try to connect the text(s) to anything relevant we might have discussed in class up to that point, and, whenever possible, demonstrate your ability to integrate information and approaches from various disciplines to solve problems (practical or theoretical).
Whenever possible, comment on any potential points in the assigned text(s) that could be connected to the topic of social responsibility (i.e. engaging in ethical problems thoughtfully and actively, contributing to peace and social justice, and developing strategies to avoid and manage conflict).
In addition to that, express your opinion (your overall personal reaction to the materials and discussions that we have had) and, if possible, mention how what you have learned from the text(s) might be useful in the context of a person’s private life; local, national, andor global issues; cross-cultural and global relationships; andor complicated professional situations.
Make sure to use your own words as much as possible. Try to minimize the use of direct quotations and paraphrase instead. Avoid spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure mistakes. If you make any references to a text, make sure to use the MLA or the APA styles consistently and appropriately.

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