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Name a type of document that can be created with Microsoft Word. Using what you

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Computer Science | 0 comments

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Name a type of document that can be created with Microsoft Word. Using what you have learned from
practice, describe the functions of Microsoft Word that aid you in creating the document you named.
Describe how you would use the Word functions for creating your document. (Personal Response) No other sources!
-Show word count
– Substantively reply to another student who responded to topic and spell-check your statement.
Support ideas, opinions and statements with facts from course materials or real life experiences.
Student Response: A document I recently created using Microsoft Word was an open house and for sale flyer, as my family and I are selling a house and we were looking for ways to advertise the property on our own. It was an effortless process, especially if you use a template which is already provided. I began by selecting a template provided by Microsoft Word and then started getting creative by changing the
font colors and sizes as well as aligning and indenting all paragraphs and sections, so every section looked organized. An open house or for sale flyer is not complete without actual pictures of the house and the property and by using word I used the insert ribbon and selected the “pictures” tab and uploaded all the images I wanted to include of the house. These flyers were posted around the neighborhood and outside of the property for people to take a copy and they were very efficient at getting people to attend the open house which was scheduled for just a few days later and we even had to schedule a second day for all the extra people who called since they had missed the first one.
– Show word count

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