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Overview: Your final project will be to create a strategic HR plan to position t

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Business and Management | 0 comments

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Overview: Your final project will be to create a strategic HR plan to position the human resources function as a key strategic contributor and focus on advancing the global competitiveness of your chosen organization. The final project will include an introductory cover letter, proposal content, an implementation method, and a conclusion. This milestone allows you to choose a company in which you have an interest. This should include learning more about the industry and function of the company, as this will be the subject of your research and the framework for your proposal. You will also have the opportunity to submit an outline. This outline will not be part of your final submission but rather is a chance to organize your thoughts and demonstrate the flow of your final paper.
Prompt: For the first milestone, you will choose a real organization (which is already competing globally or has the potential to expand globally)
and submit your choice for instructor approval. You will also submit an outline that concisely provides a high-level overview of the structure your
final project will take.
I. Cover Letter
A. Briefly introduce the intent of your proposal
B. Identify the proposal and how it may be implemented
C. Possible sources
II. The HR Strategy Proposal
A. Identify possibilities for a global outlook and cross-cultural approach for human resource professionals in the interest of improving
cultural responsiveness and capitalizing on the commonalities, values, and individual uniqueness of organizational members.
B. Identify evidence-based strategies that integrate sound, data-driven analysis, and critical decision-making to support the goals, vision, and mission of the organization.
C. Suggest how the department will continue protecting the integrity of the business, its employees, and its management practices through appropriate risk management and legal and ethical practices.
D. Suggest how to effectively leverage effective customer service and negotiation strategies that build engaging relationships with
stakeholders through trust, teamwork, and direct communication.
III. Implementation
A. Summary of approach to employee management
B. Summary of approach to talent development and workforce planning
C. Predictions for return on investment
D. Speculate as to the changes in human resources with regard to employee negotiations and interactions
IV. Conclusion
Guidelines for Submission: Your outline must contain all of the elements listed above. The purpose of the outline is to organize your thoughts
and the flow of your final paper. Each element above should be no more than a few sentences or a paragraph at the very most. It should not be a fully fleshed-out product. The outline should be one to two pages in length. It should use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Citations should be formatted according to APA style. Critical Elements: 1) Selection of Organization: Chooses an organization that either competes globally
or has the potential to compete globally by the deadline. 2) Outline Content: ncludes potential points for the introductory cover letter, proposal content, implementation method, and
conclusion by the deadline. 3) Outline Structure: Outline is well thought out, organized, and concise.
Please follow these instructions and details in APA format very important. Please in an outline form with references. The organization is Walmart. Please send the publish. A long conclusion.

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