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Please answer the discussion question: I have no knowledge with financing and ev

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Marketing | 0 comments

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Please answer the discussion question:
I have no knowledge with financing and even smaller knowledge on foreign operating procedures.
Knowledge has always been power, especially within the knowledge of how to operate a firm or corporation, in multiple countries. The course objectives will assist us in the basic understanding of foreign operations. Course objectives include foreign exposures, globalization and its implications, financial markets, and international financial system.
These skills assist managers in many ways, but the main objective is being able to make financial decisions in a foreign country. One of the major issues we need to understand are currency rates, rules and regulations on operating abroad. As we expand businesses we must hold into account the currency rates, to ensure we do not end up losing money. Focusing on other foreign tax rates, currency exchange and their financial system in general will assist managers in reaching corporation goals. A manager knowledge operating in a foreign country must be constantly growing, just to have constant growth within the country being operated on.
World Trade Organization (WTO) and the G8 which is now known as the G7, discuss global issues regarding free trading, financial crisis, monetary systems and assist with monetary discussions with other countries. As these discussions continue, they have been well known to find ways to assist in tax policies and trade regulations for companies that deal with multiple nations. Specifically, the G7 assist with research, as in oil shortages around the world, climate changes, and any other crisis to find ways to get over it or avoid it in the future. WTO discusses more on free trade and how many countries can benefit from it or even the how much it will cost to trade within countries. Another discussion that may happen are agricultural and industrial market, which some may want to keep it within their own country and not have other rich country go out of their scope. Many companies may strategically be placed in another country, for the sake of military reasons. Regardless of reason, they have a major benefit to the Multi-National Company (MNC) since the discussions involve monetary systems and expansions.
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