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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate mastery of the course

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate mastery of the course Learning Objective: Students will be able to define, identify, and explain culture, socialization, social interaction, groups, and social organization as basic building blocks of society and social experience and to apply this knowledge to explain why people conform to or deviate from societal expectations.
• Choose a group to analyze in this essay. It can be a group you belong to, or a group you have heard or read about. It can be large or small. When choosing a group for this assignment, first look at the questions below to see if you will be able to answer the questions about the group. In this essay you will analyze your chosen group and apply sociological ideas in your analysis. You will also illustrate your points with specific examples.
• Identify and explain the following characteristics as they apply to your group using terminology from the lesson.
• Describe the group you chose. Explain why your example is a group and not a category or an aggregate.
• Is this a primary or secondary group? Does the group serve an expressive or instrumental function?
• What is the leadership style of this group’s leader?
• In what ways are people expected to conform in the group? Why do people conform in this group?
• The essay uses correct, standard English grammar and mechanics, and is free of typos as well as punctuation, capitalization, and word choice errors
• The essay incorporates multiple, accurate references to online and text content as support for thesis/claims/argument. Parenthetical references at the end of the sentence using said material is sufficient. They essay should use accurately one style of citations (MLA).
• The essay demonstrates superior, academic knowledge of the topic under study, and is free from general statements, fluff, and summary
• The language is clear and concise with logical flow

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