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Read article Choose a pres

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Read article Choose a prescription drug that is currently marketed to the public. Let me be clear, this must be an actual commercial, this does not include OTC products.
Find and watch the commercials promoting that prescription drug in a product claim ad.
Write summary on DTC ad. to include the following information in a single page, double spaced, 12 font:
Description of the commercial events and how does it relate to the benefits of the prescription drug.
Name of the drug – classification
Indications- what does it claim to do
Warnings- can you hear the warnings, can you recall all the warnings, do they outweigh the benefits?
Who is the commercial targeting?
Does this ad provide support for banning ads, adding restrictions, or does this support the need for product claim ads? Be sure to support your opinion using the article as a reference.
In text citation
(Ventola, 2011).
Ventola, C. L. (2011). Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising: Therapeutic or Toxic?. P & T : a peer-reviewed journal for formulary management, 36(10), 669–684.
Citing a YouTube video:
Here is how to cite a YouTube Video:
Last Name, F. M. [Username]. (Year, Month Date). Title of video [Video]. Streaming Service. URL
Sanofi Aventis Pharma. (2009, Oct 26). Ambien CR rooster commercial [Video]. YouTube.
In text citation would be (Sanofi Aventis Pharma, 2009).

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