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Read the short story “Blue Winds Dancing” by Tom Whitecloud and the essay “Civil

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Read the short story “Blue Winds Dancing” by Tom Whitecloud and the essay “Civilize Them with a Stick” by Mary Crow Dog. You must also watch the video “In the White Man’s Image.” In “Blue Winds Dancing,” the protagonist, a Native American, is going home from a school, probably much like the one described in the video. As he makes his way, he contemplates his identity and his place in society. Keeping in mind that the short story, “Blue Winds Dancing” is at the focus of your analysis, use Crow Dog’s essay, the video, and your two research sources to help give clarity for the young man’s identity issues.
You must research the life of the author, Tom Whitecloud, and briefly state parallels between the protagonist in the story and the author, Whitecloud. Your research should focus on the treatment of Native Americans by the U. S. government and other agencies and relate your findings to the story. You must have at least TWO sources relating to the kind of historical/biographical information I just mentioned.
Lastly, briefly analyze how symbolism enhances meaning in the story. Your sources must come from academic sources. A good source is the Gale resource you previously used.
Your paper must be 4 pages in length—no shorter and no longer! Your 4th page is your works cited page. Do not use block quotes (This paper is too short to include them).
A well-written research paper using MLA format that is 3-4 pages in length.
Your paper must have a works cited page at the end with ALL sources used.
Your paper MUST have in-text citations. If you don’t, you have plagiarized and will get a zero grade.
A minimum of 5 sources: the short story, the poem, the video, and two more
Link to video:

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