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Reflective Writings & All writing assignments requirements Communication Skills:

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Creative Writing | 0 comments

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Reflective Writings & All writing assignments requirements
Communication Skills: To include effective development of interpretation and expression of ideas through written communication: This assignment meets core writing requirements.
You are expected to submit College level work. This includes correct spelling and grammar. Follow the guidelines below and double check all of your papers for word count, spelling and grammar. All papers should be typed and double spaced.
Journal image.jpg
When you open the word document, (word can be found in your student email for free, click on the waffle dots) there is a toolbar at the top.
Once you have completed your paper – Click on Review and then “word count” to get your number of words. You can then click on “Spelling and Grammar” to check your grammar and spelling.
Correct everything in blue or red and save your document with the corrections before submitting.
Graph of toolbar from Microsoft.
Reflective writing Requirements: Follow the directions carefully to receive the maximum amount of points.
Reflective writings should be well thought out and contain a minimum of 700 words per entry. View the rubric for expectations before submitting your paper.
Writing Requirements/View Criterion Long Description
Use double spacing with an 11 point Veranda font. This is found in the word drop down choices.
For journals: DO NOT copy and paste the entry, do not use it to fill space on the page, points will be deducted if you do not complete the assignment correctly. Do NOT send as a PDF file, just attach as a “word” document. Place Your Name at the top of the Entry.
This is a “Dear Diary” to yourself. There are no right or wrong answers and I do not comment on any of your thoughts regarding the journals. The questions are just starting thoughts; you may expand on any entries. Do not copy and paste work from the Internet. See the grading rubric for more information. This is a great way for you to reflect on your thoughts.
Reflective Writing / # 1
“Your life is up to you. Spirit provides the canvas: you do the painting. There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen; those who watch what happens; and those who wonder what happened. Take charge of your life—or someone else will.”
Now that you have read Chapters 1/2/4. How do you feel about your life? Discuss some rewards that are meaningful to you. List the positive aspects of your life. What would you like to change? What keeps you from changing? What are your goals for your life and how do you plan to accomplish them?
Make notes on your personal wellness components. How’s your mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health? Discuss your stressor’s that are current in your life? What techniques are you using to manage them? Are you getting enough sleep? In your life, how do you see these chapters relating to each other?
book-Connect Core Concepts in Health, BRIEF, BOUND Edition
Paul M. Insel
1]Taking Charge of Your Health
msg to the writer
i am doing nursing at present, and am 51 yrs old mother of 2 children. for your information
thank you.

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